How can a virtual museum experience be as impactful as a physical one?

National Museum of the Marine Corps landing page, virtual museum tour, and collections finder.

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U.S. Marine Corps Museum




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The virtual experience of the U.S. Marine Corps Museum is meant to mimic the immersive experience of the physical museum, offering visitors a chance to explore artifacts, stories and learn about American history.


my role

Worked with other Sr. UX/VD designers during the discovery process to design the ux for the landing page, museum tour, and collections finder.

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competitor analysis & early exploration

The scope of work allowed for an open ended exploration of what a virtual museum could be. Our team looked at other museums with virtual experiences and other beacons to get a better understanding of what a virtual museum experience looks like for some of the biggest museums in the world. We found that it is a huge challenge to get a virtual experience to compare to a physical visit, and the best experiences offer something more special than the ability to click around in a 3D room.

Connect with American history from anywhere in the world

landing page

The physical layout of the museum walks you through time as you follow the history of the marine corps. The virtual museum landing page gallery section switches from a vertical to horizontal scroll to provide a interactive moment that helps tell that story.

virtual experience

Navigation needed to be one of the most important elements in the virtual experience. We designed the option for users to navigate to items specifically through a collection finder or organically wander through a virtual experience.