How can we use design to communicate the energy of innovation?

Branding an internal consultancy to generate a more innovative culture

greenhouse innovation Lab Branding




U.S. Bank



The Greenhouse Innovation Lab functions like an internal consultancy to other teams within U.S. Bank and Elavon Inc.

The Greenhouse designs for short term and rapid ideation. Therefore the branding must be very flexible to accommodate a range of mediums. The other main principles are neutral, foundational, and experience first.


Having separate, but internal facing branding helps sell the illusion that teams that work with the Greenhouse are stepping out of their day jobs to work on innovative projects. As financial institutions can be innovation and risk adverse, functioning like a separate company can allow teams to feel like they are able to be more open to innovation. Having our own branding also allowed us to do anonymous rapid prototyping that we could test without hurdles.


Design lead. The Greenhouse was a new innovation lab when I joined the team, only the "bug" logo had been decided at the time.

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