How might we better optimize the Google Tv web experience for 500,000+ monthly visitors?

Redesign of Google Tv's product page, homepage hero, and lead gen page.

Google Tv

The initial Google Tv web experience was created quickly, and focused most heavily on the homepage experience. My team worked to expand and update the product page experience, redesign the homepage hero to fix animation issues, and create a net new lead gen page for events.



Interns: Joshua Yao, Ndyia, Emmanuel, Emerson Burd

my role

Senior UX Designer. Created all UX work on the project under supervision of a Creative Director, and supported visual design team.

ux and competitor audit

The team did an audit of the current site, gathered beacons, and analyzed competitors. The audit highlighted the main challenges that would need to be overcome during the redesign. The trickiest issue was the current homepage animation; because of the way it was designed it with timing, it was very easy to miss the value prop if the user quickly scrolled through the site.

500,000+ monthly visitors to Google Tv, 60% mobile users.
Experiential vs. educational
A key focus of the explorations around the homepage and product page was striking the right balance in the showiness of rich animation, design language, and education of the customer on Google Tv's offerings. Because Apple TV and Google Tv sound the same; many customers assume Google Tv is a streaming service.

homepage hero: lights down concept

Website flips from light to dark, and screen illuminates. This mimics the experience of turning off the lights to watch tv.

HOMEPAGE HERO: beats concept

Auto play animation on load, showing 3 pulsing screens "Movies, Live Tv, Music." Animation resolves with "All your streaming apps, one experience."
Dark mode: storytelling, content
Light mode: product, purchase
A key brand difference of Google Tv vs the rest of the brand experience is its dark mode. As a team we explored where to bring some light back. Lightening the purchase points of product page helped to keep consistency with the Google store experience.

product page landing: light

The light version brings in a soft glow on hover. Keeps the product page hero very visually different than the homepage hero.

product page landing: dark

The dark mode is more aligned with the current Google Tv branding, but brings in a more exciting interactive element on hover.

lead gen page

Simple page intended to be used at in person events for generating buzz around Google Tv.

Designed with minimal visual content to reduce loading time at events with slow bandwidth.