How might we empower women to be better investors and close the female investing gap?

Freemium investing app that is inclusive to investors at any stage of their learning journey.



U.S. Bank


Innovation team



Women invest 40% less than men. Lemon is designed to address barriers to entry in investing. A freemium platform for women and new investors to view investing data, create a plan, and join communities to gain confidence and learn from free resources and paid experts.


UX project lead. I led a small team of interns through research, design process, and execution.


Interns  — Joshua Yao
Emmanuel Muse
Emerson Burd

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The team utilized mural to collaborate remotely; mapping customer interviews, journey maps, industry research, and our team’s thoughts moving as we moved through the design process.

41% of women say their biggest financial regret is not investing more of their savings

User Flow

We completed a user flow to show how our investors would interact with the Lemon. This is an important stage of the wireframing process.

Learn. Practice. Community. Portfolio. Your Team.


Wireframes were laid out to show the user process flow functionality and work out all the features before rendering in a higher fidelity for user testing.


The portfolio tab allows users to track their investing goals in real time in comparison to their active portfolios.

They can also easily make changes to their portfolio in app due to API integration of their investing platforms.


The practice tab allows users to create mock portfolios or practice on their current portfolio. They can watch these portfolios over time to see how they could be doing if they had used real money.

They practice tab also gives general feedback on the users choices for riskiness and diversity.


The community tab is a safe space to learn and find groups of investors with similar interests. Financial advisor replies are highlighted in the comment sections so users have a more trustable source to compare feedback to.

All financial terms in all posts have yellow underline so users can easily click to read definitions and learn in context of what they are reading.


A major hurtle for many customers in their investing journey is where to start. Inspired by Duo-lingo, the "Learn" section gamifies and builds basic foundational investing information they might otherwise feel uncomfortable asking about. There is also external links to popular classes, videos, articles, ect. for all types of learners at all levels.

your team

67% of women change financial advisors due to lack of a connection or poor service, and 40% of women feel they are treated worse by their financial advisor than men. These statistics are unacceptable. To combat this, financial advisors in Lemon are rated with reviews, and each user is assigned a financial coordinator to check on their wellbeing.

The app also allows users to meet with advisors digitally and schedule appointments in the app. If you can facetime your doctor you should be able to facetime your financial advisor.