How do you help a risk adverse company transition into a more innovative culture?

Accelerating design for an internal consultancy to generate a more innovative culture

Greenhouse Design Practice




U.S. Bank



Greenhouse offers four services; Ideation and Design, Proof of Technology, Digital Test Sandbox, and Applied Research. I worked with our Proof of Technology Lead to help develop our design practice and expand the design services that we offer.  

Depending on our customer's challenge we offer Design Sprint Facilitation, Design Sprint Training, Rapid Acceleration, or Dedicated Design SWAT team.


Grew the lab to support 8 stakeholder teams.
Designed for three self funded patent pending design projects.
Built and implemented Greenhouse’s visual design system.
Facilitated 100+ user testing sessions in 6 months.
Transitioned team sprint material remote during the pandemic; team facilitated 8 sprints in 18 months.
Mentored design interns, improved intern onboarding, and helped transition the largest U.S. Bank intern group to working remote.


Design Lead. With the exception of the logo I created all other design material for Greenhouse Innovation Lab: design standards, prototyping templates, and visual documentation.

I also worked closely with other senior members of my team on planning and strategizing how to expand our design practice.


Terron Hyde
Storm Tuchek
Mirabhai Grenham
Madison Watts

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Design Sprint Facilitation

5-day session where we take a 7 person team of GH and non GH stakeholders through the Google Venture’s design process beginning with research and ending with testing. We should emerge having attempted to solve a challenge by creating a prototype that we have tested with customers. We have created relationships with 8+ teams that we actively work through challenges with.


Originally Design Sprints occurred in person but during 2021 I helped the team quickly move to working and collaborating remote by transitioning all Design Sprint material and other collaborative boards into Mural. The team was able to maintain productivity and facilitate eight design sprints over the last 18 months.

ui KIT for Rapid Prototyping

I have created all documentation and planning materials needed to host a design sprint, as well as a Greenhouse unbranded UI kit in Adobe XD to assist in rapid prototyping.

Lemon prototype being connected
Zoomed in view of the Greenhouse UI kit library
Updates being made to the UI template kit during rapid prototyping
Design Sprint Training

2 day, 4 hour sessions. The sessions will cover the what, why, and how of "design thinking”. We walkthrough tools and exercises we use at the Greenhouse and provide teams with all materials necessary to organize and facilitate their own sprints. This is a detailed session for future facilitators. 

Greenhouse will also support a design sprint with one or two representatives. We have the option to do a full 5-day sprint or a shortened 3-day sprint and push the activities of the final two days (prototyping and user testing) to another week. Greenhouse team member provide facilitation and design support for the prototyping phase. 

Rapid Acceleration

90 days moving through an idea or pitch to handoff to the UX and development team. We move through the design process as quickly as possible from research to prototyping, and then rapidly iterate and user test our prototype. The prototypes and user feedback is helpful for stakeholders getting funding, if needed, and provides clarity on what is most important for an MVP.