How can you create empathy for rainforests across the world, when we are destroying ecosystems in our own backyard?

A critical design project exploring what would happen if we decide to eliminate all pests.

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As humans continue to expand into the natural world the natural world is forced to make cities their new habitat. This critical design project hopes to challenge the common practice of exterminating "pest" species that are valuable to the ecosystem but viewed as expendable to humans.


Senior thesis project for my BFA in Industrial Design at SCAD.

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10000 years ago
Today only 3% of the world’s terrestrial bio-mass is wildlife. So this is the new wild. This is what’s left.
50% of the global population lives in 1% of the land
Every hour 1,692 acres of land become desert.
We are currently using 50% more natural resources than the earth can provide.
Our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals, the worst in history since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
14 billion tons of trash is dumped in the ocean every year
Breathing the air in Mumbai is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.
The world has already lost 80% of forests and 30% of coral reefs
A child dies every 8 seconds from contaminated water

What if we decided to eliminate all “pests”?

We have to decide to coexist or eliminate wildlife entirely

an insect, small mammal, and predator.

Lawn care is a line of products that replaces an animal from each level of the food chain.



The idea of this project is to teach people that these animals are important. Not just to their local ecosystems, but in how people associate themselves with wildlife. This needs to start locally in our yards, neighborhoods, and homes.


We need to teach the next generation that wildlife isn’t disposable, that it has value.

Beaver: Handles all of your neighborhood water management needs, without the annoyance of tree loss!

Ant: Has preventative removal of insects caused you slow yard decomposition?  Decompose your yard waste at an affordable price!

Coyote: Kids can have fun in the sun while learning about the importance of pest control. The rat trap chamber is securely sealed to prevent any chance of contamination.