zunzi's food trailer

Designing a food truck for a local sandwich shop that’s outside the box

Team: Andre Farstad, Torin Melville, Ace Hayden, Reed Abahazie, Carter Pennington


Today's food trucks are retrofitted mail trucks and as a result use graphic differentiation rather than design to distinguish themselves. This creates obvious design flaws such as a distant serving windows leaving opportunity for redesign. 

current food trucks are
reliant on graphic differentiation

retrofitted mail trucks

boxy, tacky


Given a blank page we decided to use health, city regulations, and  a local company to frame our project around. 

create a food truck

for local sandwich 

company, zunzi’s

create a food truck

for local sandwich 

company, zunzi’s

customer interaction 
all curves no edge

Normally food truck servers are distant from their customers, but this interaction is essential in the zunzi’s restaurant. We put a lot of attention on how this could be improved in a food truck, and also tried to move as far away from a square shape as possible to mimic the fun ubeat zunzi’s atmosphere.  

full scale mock-up

final interior

The inside of the truck is organized in a way that makes sense to the employees at their stations so they don’t have to cross over each other while working. There is meant to be one working the resister, two grilling and prepping, and one handing out the food. We tested this with a full scale mock-up. 

The full scale mock-up helped  us to determine the size of the serving window which was adjusted after critique.